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Fees: $50 per hour for labor.

A minimum of one hour is charged though which covers disassembly; reassembly; diagnosis; and in many to most cases, the actual repair.

Parts are extra of course and the prices depend upon the manufacturer/distributor/seller.

For services required on-location, an extra fee for fuel and travel will be added to the overall cost if it exceeds 5 miles. Extra mileage beyond the 5 miles is $1 per mile. To clarify, if your location is up to 5 miles from me, the travel to and from is covered. Every mile thereafter is when you would be charged. 
Usually this can range from $10-$20 at most unless under special circumstances.

Items left unclaimed after 30 days of repair completion will incur a $1 per day charge until claimed.

Items left beyond 180 days (6 months) from repair completion will be deemed forfeit and belong to Innermuze.

Items wished to be sold by the owner through Innermuze will cost a 10% commssion for selling, plus any other fees required such as advertisement.

Payments accepted are cash, check*, money orders,  PayPal, Google Wallet, and other major credit cards such as Visa/MasterCard.

*all returned checks will incur an additional $50 fee.


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