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Innermuze is established with a foundation of over 20 years of experience in electronic repair.

Beginning with a few broken  items such as a SCI Prophet 600 and Arp Axxe, and a background with electronic classes, a future began with a dream to bring life back to equipment that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Over time, enough gear was restored that attributed to a commercial studio. This brought both the chance to learn and use all the equipment used in music creation, as well as being able to repair and restore gear for others so that they too could put it to good use. 

An opportunity arose in California not long after. What was first going to be a job as an engineer, quickly became the chance to be the tech in a large recording studio all because of a Trident Series 80B breaking down during use. Repairing the mixing console on the spot established the position, and made RadioStar Studios (run by Sylvia Massy)  the new  home to J Beste.

The vast amount of analog gear that was used in all of the studio buildings catapulted the knowledge and experience beyond anything imaginable. From mixing consoles to amplifiers, and processors to synthesizers, the world had opened its giant doors to something truly remarkable.

During the time at RadioStar, other opportunities also arose. One such event  was the chance to travel to Green Day's Jingletown Studios to recap their Trident 80 board. Another was when Melissa, owner of Studios in Jamaica, Iowa (home to Slipknot) had flown J out to inspect the SSL 4000 that was being used there. Thanks to the experience gained from Sylvia's SSL 9000, their board was worked upon so that life was brought back to it for future recordings.

Almost four years had  passed while at RadioStar when out of nowhere, another grand adventure presented itself,  a chance to work for Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions. This was an extraordinary  opportunity, and it was accepted immediately. The experience gained there was also life changing. Meeting so many wonderful and extremely talented people was just the tip of the iceberg, being allowed to sit beside Hans himself while he worked was truly a dream come true. Unfortunately, as with all dreams, things had to come to an end. This was a personal choice though, and nothing against anything or anyone at all, but  that desire to continue repairing and restoring equipment on a personal level was missing.

The appreciation from each individual that was given from saving the life of their most precious gear was missing. Not to be misunderstood though, those involved at Remote Control were thankful for J. However, to be in a position where many could be helped felt like more of the right thing to do than to focus just on one company. With this being as it is, J decided to move on one more time and establish a foundation to where he could positively affect more lives.

Returning to the Detroit, MI area, J sought out those who might be in need of help. With the assistance of satisfied customers, word of mouth had spread faster than expected.  J now remains in the Detroit area and business continues to grow daily.

If you (or anyone that you know of) is in need of repairs/restoration/modifcations/etc of items such as amplifiers (solid state and tube), synthesizers and keyboards, drum machines, processors, mixing consoles, effects units, and anything else pertaining to the electronic side of music, and would like to have an experienced professional on their side, then feel free to contact me, J Beste.

Thanks for your time.


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